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F1, J1, M1 Study Visa, Explained

Time Line: 6-8 months

Cost: Approximately $510

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  • What is a F-1 Visa?
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F-1 Study Visa Explained

What is a F-1 Visa?

The "F" visa is intended for academic purposes. Students enrolled in an academic program or an English language program are granted an F1 visa.

Do i Qualify to Apply for an F-1 Visa?

To qualify to even apply for an F1 visa you must meet some specific conditions, such as: Get admitted into a SEVP accepted institution. Before applying to your desired schools or universities, you should check the SEVP to determine if those schools or universities are listed there.

What are the requirements for a F-1 visa?

If you plan to apply for an F-1 student visa, there are a few things to bear in mind. For your application to be accepted, you must meet the following requirements:

Institution certification:
SEVP Immigration & Customs Enforcement must approve the college or university where you intend to study.

Full-time enrollment:
While your academic year is in session, you must be enrolled as a full-time student at the university.

English language proficiency:
You must either meet the institution's required English language proficiency score or enroll in courses that will help you enhance your English proficiency.


Sufficient funds:
You must show that you have enough money to cover your studies and living needs while in the United States.

Valid passport:
Your passport must be valid for travel to the United States for at least six months following the end of your program.

Home country residency:
You must maintain a domicile in your home country to which you will return after completing your degree.

Who is eligible for F-1 visa?

Foreign nationals who have completed a full course of study at one of the United States' colleges, universities, conservatories, or academic high schools.

Foreign people want to enroll in a full course at a language instruction facility in the United States.

Processing time and Cost:

Processing with USCIS can take 6 – 8 months plus mailing time or longer depending on USCIS processing times. While the application is pending you may not leave the United States.

Cost Approximately $510

Related Question:

Can i bring my family with F-1 visa?

Yes, Only the spouse (limited to one) and unmarried minor children (under 21 years old) of an F-1 or J1 student are eligible to enter the United States in F2/J2 dependent status. Frequently, international students wish to invite their parents or other family members to the U.S. to attend graduation or for a visit.