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For Permanent residence

Family Petition and more:

Petition for family members: Wife, Children, and apply for citizenship

An U.S. citizen may petition for certain family members to receive either a Green Card, a fiancé(e) visa or a K-3/K-4 visa based on your relationship. Also, If your relative wishes to naturalize or obtain proof of citizenship

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I originally contacted attorneys on my own, and the costs were outrageous and inconsistent. The cost seems to be excessive... Then I went online and discovered Boundless. Everything may be done in a cost-effective manner. I honestly don't think there's much you could do better—straightforward, it's easy, and cost-effective, and you guys follow up well.

Before I found this , I was literally 5 days away from paying the cost to the lawyer I found. It's difficult to schedule an appointment with a lawyer. In addition, the lawyer charges an initial consultation fee and then charges by the hour for any additional work. You were far more receptive to my questions and answered them without charging me anything extra. Given what I got, I would have paid even more.

I began the process by comparing and contrasting a number of lawyers that offer their services. They'd actually offer me a consultation...but I'd still have to perform all the work, and they'd charge me more. When I first saw you and your service, I thought it was quite friendly. You people assisted me in completing all of this papers. Without a doubt, I would suggest you.


The complexity of immigration as an issue begins with a basic human trail: we are reluctant to share.  

- Madeleine Albright (an immigrant)

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