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Nonimmigrant Visa

F1, J1, M1 Study Visa, Explained

Time Line: 6-8 months

Cost: Approximately $510

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M-1 Visa Explained

What is a M-1 Visa?

An M1 visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows you to study for non-academic or vocational purposes. The visa is provided by the US Department of State once you have been approved to study for at least 12 semester or quarter hours at a community or junior college, post-secondary vocational school, or post-secondary business school.

Do i Qualify to Apply for an M-1 Visa?

The first and most time-consuming stage is to apply for and get accepted into a non-academic or vocational program. You'll be officially enrolled in the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) once you've been accepted by the institution of your choosing, and you'll have to pay a one-time application fee. An I-20 form will be issued to your program of study once all fees have been paid and your account is in good standing. To become an international student, fill out this form to schedule an interview with a local US embassy or consulate.

What are the requirements for a M-1 visa?

​After your visa expires, you must have a valid passport for another 6 months.
Your confirmation page for the DS-160.
The letter confirming your visa appointment.
One photo for the US Visa.
Receipts proving that you've paid your fees.
One copy of your original I-20 form.
Proof of your educational credentials, such as a diploma

  • Degrees and diplomas.

  • Transcripts.

  • Standardized test scores, etc

Proof of your financial stability

  • Bank statements from last three years.

  • Tax information from the last three years.

  • Loans to help you pay for your stay in the United States (if applicable).

  • Provide all required details for a scholarship for your education in the United States (if applicable).

  • If you will be supported by a person in the United States, you must submit Form I-134, Affidavit of Support, as well as the person's bank and tax information for the previous three years.

Who is eligible for M-1 visa?

M1 visas are intended for vocational training. This implies that the program should have a purpose and be full-time. In the United States, this entails completing a full course of study at a community or junior-college level for a minimum of 12 semesters or quarter hours.

Processing time and Cost:

Processing with USCIS can take 4 – 8 weeks plus mailing time or longer depending on USCIS processing times. While the application is pending you may not leave the United States.

Cost Approximately $160


Related Question:

Is it possible for me to change my status to another US visa?

You have the option of changing your status to another non-immigrant visa. However, you won't be able to move to a F visa, and moving to an H-1B visa will be tough if you'll be working using abilities you learned as an M1 student.

Many people desire to transition from an M1 visa to a Green Card. This can be tough since to obtain an employment-based green card, you must have outstanding qualities, marry in the United States, or invest at least $500,000 in the American economy. As a result, few persons transition from an M1 visa to a Green Card.

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