Documents and Notary Services

Documents and Notary Services



With, translating for the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) is simple. Simply upload your document and have it translated into English or over 60 other languages quickly and economically by a professional translator (within 24 hours for 1-3 pages).

All of our documents are authenticated and translated by experienced translators. If necessary, we can additionally notarize your document.

When submitting to the USCIS for a purpose such as immigration, you will almost always be required to present a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or other legal document, as well as an English translation of the document. The US government does not recommend self-translating documents due to the significant danger involved.

  • Birth Certificate

  • Drivers License

  • Tax Records

  • Diplomas

  • Divorce Decree

  • Criminal Records

  • Passports

  • Background Checks


  • Medical Records

  • Financial Statements

  • Apostille

  • ID Cards

  • Legal Contracts

  • College Applications

  • Depositions

  • Academic Transcripts

  • Bank Statements

  • Marriage Certificates

  • Death Certificates

  • Vaccination Records

  • Affidavits

  • Legalization

  • Authentication

  • Consularization

  • Apostille

  • Notarization

  • Document translation

  • Commercial invoices

  • Birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates

How does the translation service work?

Simply upload your papers to our secure order page, choose the options and preferences that best fit your needs, and receive a 100% professional translation of your documents as quickly as possible.

What is certified translation?

A certified translation is a human translation of your documents by a professional translator that includes a Rapid Translate letterhead with a signed and stamped certificate of translation accuracy for official use purposes required by the USCIS (US Immigration), universities, courts, and many other local and state related governments.

How long does the translation take and what is the cost?

This is entirely dependent on the quantity of pages you require translation for. 1-3 pages are usually translated in 24 hours or less, but 4-6 pages can take up to 48 hours. Up to 250 words are considered a page. If you're in a hurry, we charge $29.99 per page and have expedited solutions available.

What documents and language you translate?

We can convert any document into or out of any of the 60+ languages we offer. A complete list can be found on our document and language sites.

Who will translate my documents?

Your documents will be translated by a professional translator. We have a strict vetting process in place and only deal with the top 5% of all translators on the planet.


It might be costly to apply for a visa. In fact, you'll very certainly require a translation for purposes other than Certified Translations. That is why we insist on being cost-effective at all times.

You may rely on to provide certified translations for your documents at a cheap price of just $29.99 per page.

Notarized Translation Services

Notarization is an important consideration when translating legal documents. A government-authorized notary, sometimes known as a "official witness," stamps a notarized translation. The notarization phase verifies that the translator is who they say they are, and notarizing a document is frequently needed by government entities as an added layer of protection.

Online notarization services are a convenient way to have your document notarized without leaving your home. Remote online notarization bears the same legal weight as in-person notarization, and Rapid Translate provides this service for a reasonable fee of $25 for documents ranging from birth certificates to marriage certificates and more.

Can I notarize a document written in a foreign language?

Sometimes. A public notary may or may not be permitted to notarize a document written in a foreign language. This is due to the dangers of notarizing a document that they do not understand. As a result, it is usually advisable to notarize a document after it has been translated.

Where can I notarize a document?

Of course, you can do it all online:) llc offers complete notarization services, so you don't have to leave your house. It used to be difficult. It's simple now.

How online Notary works. 

Step 1

Take a picture of your document, email it to, or upload a PDF from your computer or a cloud storage service like Dropbox.

Step 2

Make sure you're who you say you are with our ID verification service. Don't worry, your photo is fantastic!
To authenticate government-issued photo IDs and passports, llc employs third-party forensic technology. We'll validate your identification in seconds once you snap a photo and answer a few questions.

Step 3

To a commissioned notary 24x7 on a secure video call.

Connect with a licensed electronic notary public over live video to sign and notarize your document. The Notarize agent will confirm your identity, witness your signature and assist you throughout the process.

Step 4

To sign and notarize your document, connect with a licensed electronic notary public over live video. Your identification will be verified, your signature will be witnessed, and you will be assisted throughout the procedure.



If a translation is not certified, it may not meet the requirements of agencies like the USCIS, UKVI, or the Department of State. This may result in visa rejections, lengthy application processes, and background checks.

In summary, and in accordance with ATA guidelines, Rapid Translate provides certified translation services that include:

  • A statement attesting to the translator's credentials.

  • A declaration of the translated document's completeness and accuracy.

  • Identification of the translated document as well as the language in which it was written.

I hope this information was useful. Complex immigration processing can be incredibly complicated and stressful for everyone. Before filing this application, you should seek legal advice from an experienced attorney. can assist you and will be there for you every step of the journey. Please contact us via phone or email.