Form I-130A Explained

Form I-130A Explained

What is Form i-130A?

Form I-130 must be filed by a US citizen or lawful permanent resident who seeks to sponsor an eligible relative for immigration (Petitioner for Alien Relative).

The I-130 form is used to prove your relationship with the eligible relative you want to sponsor.You must prove your marital relationship if the individual you want to sponsor is your husband.


This partnership is established using Form I-130A.

Form I-130A is an addendum to Form I-130, and both forms must be filed together.

The sponsored immigrant must fill out Form I-130A.

To put it another way, if you're sponsoring your spouse for immigration, your spouse must fill out Form I-130.

If you live in the United States and your spouse lives elsewhere, there is an exemption.

You may file Form I-130A on behalf of your spouse in these instances, and your partner is not required to sign the application.

How much does the I-130A cost?

There are no additional expenses because Form I-130A is a supplement to be filed with Form I-130.

Only the payments related with Form I-130 must be paid.

The filing fee for Form I-130 is $535.

How long does it take to process Form I-130A?

Because these papers will be filed together, the processing period for the I-130A will be the same as for the family sponsorship form. The I-130A does not require any additional or separate processing time. (For a complete timeline of the entire marriage-based green card procedure, please contact us)

What supporting documents are required for Form I-130A?

The I-130A's supporting documents are identical to those necessary for the family sponsorship form. Because such documents are part of the same application package, you do not need to give duplicates.

How and Where to Submit Form I-130A?

You will either file from the United States or from another country. Depending on where you file from, you must mail your application package to a certain address. The USCIS provides a chart listing the addresses for each category of circumstance. As soon as your application package is finished, send it.