IR5 Visa  Explained

IR5 Visa Explained

What is the IR5 Visa?

The IR5 visa is for parents who are citizens of the United States and are at least 21 years old. It allows them to live and work in the United States while being connected to their children as a family in the same nation. The parents can work legally in the US without an Employment Authorization Document once they acquire the IR5 visa (EAD).

The IR5 visa has the advantage of not having an annual cap or limit because it is for immediate relatives. This means that any candidate who meets the requirements and has an accepted application can obtain a visa without waiting for their priority dates to become current.

Who Qualifies for an IR5 Visa? 

To be eligible for the IR5 visa, both the US citizen and their parent must meet the following requirements:

1. You must be over the age of 21.
2. Have enough money to assist their parents till they get a job.
3. Have a legitimate US address and live in the United States.
4. One of the parents must be a foreign national.
5. A valid birth certificate must be used to show the relationship between the US citizen and their parent.

IR5 Visa Application Process

The IR5 Visa application process, like most U.S. immigration applications, is lengthy.

It is divided into two stages:


1. The citizen of the United States completes the petition stage.
2. The application stage, which the applicant must complete.
3. The IR5 Visa application cannot be started until the petition is approved.

IR5 Visa Application

The parent(s) of the US citizen can begin the official IR5 Visa application procedure once the petition is authorized.


The process starts with the applicant filling out the DS-260 (Immigrant Visa Electronic Application) form. This form will request general background information as well as other personal information from the candidate.


A summary sheet will appear once the application has been finished. This sheet must be printed and kept safe by the applicant, as it will be included in their portfolio of documents to be submitted to the NVC.

File Form DS-260

After entering their case number, the parent or applicant will be routed to the necessary parts. They must complete all parts relating to the applicant's background and other facts with accurate information. They will receive a confirmation page and number at the conclusion, which they must attach to the accompanying documents.

Complete medical examination and vaccination

In order to live in the United States, a person must meet certain medical conditions and undergo certain vaccinations. The applicant will receive instructions in the NVC package on what tests they must perform and which immunizations they must receive. The applicant must then visit a licensed physician to complete the requirements and have the physician sign the documentation proving that they have been met. The supporting documents will be attached to these documents before being sent to the NVC.

What are the Required Documents for an IR5 Visa?

The parent must also send some supporting documents to the NVC in order to enhance the application. These documents show that the parent meets all of the requirements and is entitled to enter the United States on an IR5 visa.

The US parents visa file must include the following documents in addition to the regular needed paperwork for a US visa:

1. A passport that is valid for at least 6 months after your scheduled entry into the United States.
2. The US petitioner (applicant's kid) must complete Form I-864, Affidavit of Support.
3. Confirmation page for Form DS-260
4. Medical records and vaccination records

5. A valid birth certificate establishing the applicant's link to a US citizen.
6. Two photos per person, as required by the US Visa Photograph Requirements
7. Criminal and/or court records, as well as a police certificate
You must bring your service records if you served in the military.

What are the Fees for an IR5 Visa?

There are several fees to consider when applying for an IR5 Visa Green Card.

1. The filing fee for Form I-130.
2. The Form DS-260 processing fee.
3. Vaccination and medical examination expenses
4. The cost of obtaining and translating all supporting documentation.
5. Immigrant Fee (USCIS). You must pay this fee after receiving your visa and before traveling to the United States. You will not be granted a Green Card unless you pay this cost.

IR5 visa processing time

The IR5 visa will take anything from 6 months to a year to arrive for the applicant or parent. The time it takes to receive an IR5 visa is determined by the time it takes to process Form I-130 and other papers.

What are the Fees for an IR5 Visa?

There are several fees to consider when applying for an IR5 Visa Green Card.

1. The filing fee for Form I-130
2. Form DS-260 processing fee
3. Any charges for document translation
4. Vaccination and medical examination expenses
5. Immigrant fees to be paid to the USCIS

How can the Immigration Advice Service Help Me?

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