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N-600 Explained

What Is Form N-600?

Form N-600 is a document issued by USCIS that permits some people who became citizens of the United States automatically (through their direct family) to use a Certificate of Citizenship to prove their citizenship.

Who Qualifies for N-600? 

If you present the following documents, you may be able to demonstrate that you are a US citizen:


1. FS-240, or International Birth Certificate
2. A birth certificate from the United States
3. American passport
4. US Citizenship Certificate
5. Naturalization Certificate

If you were born outside of the United States but believe you are a US citizen, you can apply for a US passport at the US Department of State. The passport serves as proof of citizenship as well as travel papers for when you want to leave the nation.

Required Documents for Form N-600

In general, every required document in connection with Form N-600 should be listed on the USCIS website. However, because each person is unique, you should speak with an immigration attorney about these issues. They'll inform you exactly which documents you'll need to send and which you may safely skip.


Regardless of your circumstances, you must bring the following documents with you.

1. Two passport-style photos of the child for whom the Certificate of Citizenship is required.
2. The child's birth certificate or record.
3. Proof that the parents or grandparents are citizens of the United States.
4. The parents' or grandparents' birth certificates

Keep in mind that while both parents should be citizens of the United States, this certificate can be issued even if only one parent is. In some situations, the attorney will inform you of any further papers required, such as proof of physical custody or proof of legitimation for children born outside of marriage.


You should only transmit original papers if they have been specifically requested. You must submit confirmed copies, as well as translated validated versions of those copies if necessary. If you don't supply these documents, your application may be denied.

N-600 Cost

The filing fee for Form N-600 is $1170 for the majority of citizens. Because everyone's needs are different, it's best to utilize a fee calculator to figure out how much you'll have to pay.

Veterans and members of the US military are exempt from paying the cost. You must provide proof that you served in the military. If you don't, you'll have to pay the filing fee.

N-600 Processing Time

USCIS typically takes 9-14 months to process an N-600 petition. The following is a list of the numerous steps and how long each one takes:

1. Application Submissions (2-3 weeks from filing)
2. Biometrics Appointment Notice (3-5 weeks from filing)
3. Appointment for Biometrics (5-8 weeks from filing)
4. Interview Notice of Appointment (6-10 weeks from filing)
5. Interview for Citizenship (8-12 months from filing)
6. Receive your citizenship certificate (9-14 months from filing)


I hope this information was useful. Complex immigration processing can be incredibly complicated and stressful for everyone. Before filing this application, you should seek legal advice from an experienced attorney. can assist you and will be there for you every step of the journey. Please contact us via phone or email.