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How to Qualify for EB1 Green Card

The first category of employment-based immigration visas is the EB1 visa. People with outstanding academic or professional accomplishments are given the chance to immigrate to the US permanently under EB1.

The individual who can demonstrate that they have these accomplishments may then reside and work in the US. They are able to acquire legal documents from the US, such as a driver's license, own property, further their education, get married, and have kids. They can also seek for US citizenship once they have successfully maintained their EB1 visa status for a certain period of time.

Who Can Apply for the EB1 Visa?

The US government has classified the EB1 visa into three subcategories based on the many accomplishments that individuals can have:

individuals of exceptional talent in the humanities, sciences, education, sports, and business. These individuals can apply for the EB1 visa without having received a work offer, but their accomplishments must be noteworthy and/or recognized internationally.

Outstanding academicians and scientists who have won acclaim around the world for their contributions to respective disciplines. The professors and researchers need to demonstrate that they are coming to the US to continue advancing their area in a research or teaching job in a university and that they have at least three years of research or teaching experience.

Managers or executives from other countries who have spent at least one year in the last three years working for a foreign division of a US corporation. To continue working for that company, they must be submitting an EB1 visa application, and their position in the US must be equivalent to or superior to their one outside.

What are the EB1 Eligibility Criteria?

You must demonstrate that you meet at least 3 of the following requirements in order to be eligible for the EB1 green card category:

  • Have been recognized for their accomplishments and excellence with a national or international prize or honor.

  • Join a professional organization in their sector that consistently requests advancements from its members.

  • Have scholarly works that have been recognized by journals or the media published.

  • Be required to review the work of others either individually or in a group.

  • Substantial scholastic, scientific, artistic, athletic, or business contribution in your field.

  • Had pieces published in major media outlets or trade journals.

  • Feature your art in exhibitions or other venues.

  • Evidence that you have contributed significantly to a renowned organization

  • You are expected to get paid much more than others in your field if you earn a high wage.

  • Gain commercial success in the performing arts.

EB1 Visa eligibility criteria for Professors and Researchers

  • You must satisfy two of the requirements below and have an offer from a US company in order to qualify for the Professor or Researcher category.

  • Receive honors and rewards for your accomplishments.

  • Join a professional organization in their sector that consistently requests advancements from its members.

  • Evidence that other people have written about your work and accomplishments in your sector.

  • Evidence that either you or a panel of judges asked you to evaluate the work of others

  • Publish scholarly or scientific works in your area of expertise.

  • Have authored and published books or articles in trade publications worldwide in your field

How to Apply for the EB1 Visa?

There are several steps in the application process for EB1 visas, and both the employer and the foreign employee must participate. These two steps make up the application process:

A labor certification is obtained by the US employer, who then submits the required petitions.

If accepted, the foreign worker subsequently submits an application for an EB1 visa at a US Embassy in their place of residence.

You can submit a petition on your own behalf if you are applying based on Extraordinary Abilities rather than having your employer do it. You need an employer to submit the petition on your behalf if you want to apply for the Professor/Researcher or Multinational Manager EB1 visas.

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