Why Choose immigrationservice.com?

Why Choose immigrationservice.com?

immigrationservice.com llc was created by an immigrant who have actually gone through the PainFull immigration process. Our lawyers, who were also born outside of the United States, had to deal with a more unpleasant circumstance. Our frustration with the process drove us to find a better way, and we started building a solution. We committed to do better and created a simple and inexpensive approach to properly prepare USCIS immigration processes.

Our lawyers and experts have worked on a variety of visa applications and would be happy to help you with yours.

  • Information and advice on the I visa category

  • Examine your circumstance to see if all of the requirements are met.

  • If necessary, we can recommend alternative visa categories that are appropriate for you.

  • All application forms will be filled out and translated with your help.

  • Transfer of your information to the US government's web system

  • Individual document checks for completeness and timely submission

  • Organizing and preparing for the interview appointment at the United States Consulate

  • Getting ready for entry into the US and the border issue

Here are the four steps we follow to solve your problem in a nutshell.

Get started in 4 simple steps

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Step 1. Intake: Tell us about your case and provide us copies of your documents

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Step 3. Review: You and your case worker will go over the application

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Step 2. Processing: Case worker will prepare your case;  review by an immigration attorney

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Step 4. Submit: The application will be sent to USCIS via US Postal service or/and online